Tour des Gorges d'Oppedette

Walking/pedestrian at Oppedette

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6.7 km
  • Stunning limestone gorges, 2km long and 200m deep in some places! An exceptional heritage, in a dream setting...

    "Many times I have traveled this fabulous site, between rocky trails, wild boar and cul-de-sac vires! And never without tiring of the wild beauty of the place. But be careful on this great loop; we may be at the source of the Calavon, the freshness of the gorges below does not compensate for the roughness of the plateau when the sun beats down hard!" says Jean-Pierre Peyron - retired hiking officer, at the PNR Luberon.

    Start / Arrival: Oppedette

    From the car park and the two belvederes which face each other (accessible to disabled people), go south on the truffled path of lapiaz, which runsmore or less far from the edge of the cliff (vigilance!).

    1 - Cross the D201 to continue in front a path that runs alongside a lavender field. Leave the road slightly left, then take the road a little further down. Go down the road for about 30m.

    2 - Take the path to the right and join the rock ledge. Farther, the slanting path to the left bypassed the valley of the Grand Vallat. Take the D201, turn right, past the parking lot and cross the large bridge of La Blaque that spans the Calavon.

    3 - Right after, take the path on the right to go up the right bank of the gorge. Climb gradually, cross a valley, and emerge on an old collier. After a rocky section (lapiaz), cross two other valleys. Then, go down on the ledge towards the cliff edge (caution!). Reach the end of the ladder, hidden at the edge of the trail.

    4 - Continue the path on the ledge, climb up a shortmoment, then cross a rocky pass. Then go down between the cliff edge and a rock slide, to reach the upstream circus of the gorges. At the end of the beautiful cliff, hurtle down the switchbacks up to the river.

    5 - Cross the Calavon (caution in the event of a flood!), go in front and then, through a stony path, join the village at the top of the rocky spur. In front of the town hall, turn right, enter the heart of the village and go up to the left an alley to end up on the plateau. Leave the obvious wide path, take a right at the cemetery and follow the trail through the grass to emerge again at the base of the gorges. Turn left and go to the starting car park.

    Specific difficulties: some delicate passages at the top of the cliffs and inconvenient rocky sections (lapiaz). Avoid in rain or fog. Remember to take enough water, especially when the sun is strong!
  • Difference in height
    339.78 m
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340 meters of difference in height
  • Start altitude : 515 m
  • End altitude : 522 m
  • Maximum altitude : 529 m
  • Minimum altitude : 411 m
  • Total positive elevation : 340 m
  • Total negative elevation : -333 m
  • Max positive elevation : 58 m
  • Min positive elevation : -25 m