Vallon de l'Aiguebrun

Walking/pedestrian at Buoux

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11.3 km
3h 30min
  • The magical trilogy! Aiguebrun, the plateau of Claparèdes and picturesque villages. The soul of Luberon...

    « Because of my job and my passion for rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking, there are few corners of the valley that I do not know of.! And yet, I still happen to discover a unique facet. I love the wild side of the place, the beautiful rounded volumes of stones, the tails of the jackdaws, the light sectioned on the ground cover, but also the delicate presence of man at all stages of this paradise.! ». Eric Garnier, Head of Studies for outdoor sports at the Luberon RNP.

    Start / Arrival: Car park of the village, Buoux
    Crossed towns: Buoux, Sivergues, Saignon

    Go right on the D113 and turn left. Outside the town hall, go straight. At the corner of the inn, go down to the left. Come out on the D113 (traffic!), cross the bridge and go left until the hamlet of Deyme. Continue on the dirt road, then rise slowly towards the plateau.

    1 - At the crossroads"Les Ramades'', turn right and descend to the cliff edge. Continue left on the trail that winds over the void. Further down, turn right and descend the hairpin bends"Chemin dei frau", formerly in cobblestone (careful, the GR® cuts the 1st turn). At the bottom of the hairpin bends, take a right. At the next intersection, turn left, cross the bridge and go up across.

    2 - At the crossroads"Aiguebrun'', turn left, then 30m further, turn left towards"Sivergues''. After a succession of steep paths and small descents, spot on a flat stone the sign"Sivergues''. Leave the banks of the Aiguebrun and rise gradually. Continue on the rocky path until the town of Sivergues.

    3 - Climb the cobblestone across. Turn left and reach the entrance of the village. At the car park, take a left onto the Chantebelle track and at the 1st turn, continue straight on the path. Skip two corners and continue down the gravel path. Pass a cobblestone section and reach to the valley bottom. Go to the right, cross the ford of Aiguebrun and go up the opposite bank. Pass a cobblestone section and continue across on the rocky path. Pass a corner on the left then turn right at the next intersection. Go up the trail that weaves through the horse paddock. Reach the plateau and continue across on the shaded path that passes between old walls.

    4 - At the crossroads"Barbe Blanche", turn left and take the small road through the Claparèdes plateau. At the crossroads"Chante Duc", continue straight, hurtle down 3 hairpin bends and continue to Buoux.

    - after point 1: passage on the edge of the void.

    - between points 3 and 4: a ford.

    Caution with your ankles on the numerous cobblestone and rocky areas
  • Difference in height
    412.66 m
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413 meters of difference in height
  • Start altitude : 463 m
  • End altitude : 461 m
  • Maximum altitude : 570 m
  • Minimum altitude : 422 m
  • Total positive elevation : 413 m
  • Total negative elevation : -415 m
  • Max positive elevation : 88 m
  • Min positive elevation : -91 m