A while in the shoes of a worker at the ocher factory

The old ocher mill Mathieu reached a peak from 1921 to 1963 by producing every year a thousand tons of ocher sold worldwide. It belonged to the Mathieu family and employed many people from Roussillon.

Live history while visiting the factory

On the tour, you will see panels illustrated with technical drawings, photos and testimonials of the former foreman of the factory Mathieu, Elie Icard. Okhra is more than a place of memory: you will have a good time with the family discovering the origin of pigments or how to make natural paints through workshops.

Learn how to make colours

Courses and trainings allow you, throughout the year, to acquire various artistic and decorative techniques. Exhibitions are also offered regularly.

You will not leave the Ocher Ecomuseum without going through the shop full of specific books and products that will awaken your creativity.