Speechless in front of the panoramic view!

Some unique pictures of the sky, lavender, vineyards, wheat fields... from the sky!

A morning take-off

The Colorado Provencal is still asleep. It is 6 a.m. but the early bird catches the worm.

In the middle of a field, Hervé Maucci spreads a 28 meters long canvas. The fans are turned on. And it grows and grows below the sun rise.

The passengers seem impatient: an entire hour flying over the ochers! It is a first for me... in a hot-air balloon. Since 1783, the brilliant Montgolfier brothers have given a dream to generations of adventurers and poets with a balloon.

I am reminded flame and heat will make it take off.

Everyone is aboard in the small vessel: a wicker basket that accommodates up to 12 people. Hervé the pilot starts the four burners, the ball rises slowly, very slowly. The ground is moving away, the sky is mine! No jerks, it is incredibly steady.

We can see the Luberon hilltop villages Rustrel, Caseneuve and its fortress, the lavender grid patterns, vineyards and wheat fields. Below, the colored ochers, hoodoos, cliffs as cut by a giant artist. Some early-morning walkers even wave to me!

We rise again, almost up to 1200 meters. It is so quiet, it seems barely real, the world is so small.

But time goes by. We are looking for an old field to land and the wind makes the decision (if necessary, the basket keeps propane reserves for more autonomy). Loosing altitude, we rely on the expertise of the pilot who knows how to fly using the air currents.

Vol-Terre car followed by road. The hot-air balloon lands with a surprising softness and we all happily take part in packing the gear. The sun is now up.

As a souvenir, Hervé gives everyone a beautiful flying diploma to exhibit home with pride!

As for me I am going to quickly look for a Jules Verne novel.

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