Free visit every Thursdays at 10 a.m., followed by a guided wine tasting session (possibility of lunch on site).

Reservation required + 33 (0)4 90 04 60 37

The bond between father and daughter is beautiful to see: two generations for the same passion on a land they both love so much.

A visit to the vineyard

It is almost 10 o'clock... The day looks good, we booked a visit of the Sylla vineyard. As Luberon fans, we wanted to know more about the wine of this region.

At the cellar, a small group gathers with quietly in the hall. Geneviève greets us with a large smile "We're going to meet Raymond Hugues and his daughter Patricia in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt, follow me! "

A convoy is organized on the pretty road that leads to the village, stronghold of the terroir of the Sylla wines. We arrive in a small organically grown land, adjoining the Château Bourgane with the song of the cicadas, full with enthusiasm.

Geneviève then takes over and presents herself as the director and winemaker of Cave Sylla for over 20 years now...

Then, Patricia and Raymond, with a typical authentic accent, tell about their work, their job, their passion: to grow vine and make wine.

Seasons, terroirs, practices, techniques: all is explained as questions come from our admiring little group, both surprised and amazed by so much will and self-sacrifice that the winegrower needs to face multiple issues...

Time for tasting

After a friendly hour of talk on a rich and exciting matters, we join the cool cellars where Geneviève awaits us and presents her passion: winemaking and wine aging.

The visit ends after putting theory into a pleasant practice. The wine-tasting session! When one becomes aware of all the work done to reach this level of requirement and quality.

We get involved totally in this world both complex and exciting.

An original restaurant concept

And the best is for the end: to have lunch in the middle of bottles and an initiation journey and pairing of the best local wine/cheese/cold meats. A simple but effective idea to test a wide range of wines with special character!

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