Two family trails for a complete change of scenery!

You are going to be amazed by the range of ocher colors! A breathtaking view...

Good news! Our 4-legged friends on a leasch are welcome.

How about a real family outing?


Let’s go to the  Colorado Provencal with mom and dad!

Before leaving: cowboy hat and bottle of water needed... but above all: no white sneakers! You will be thankful upon return.

At first, an intense green forest, where Indians and outlaws are lurking, but little by little colors are revealed.

The miners and farmers created this splendid site by digging the hills. Traces and remains are still there. And yet, one can easily imagine a genuine Western in Technicolor, shot right here by John Ford or Sergio Leone. Easy to be an Apache, the color is everywhere and makes a good make-up! It is the ocher rush! Head to the Sahara, the fairy chimneys, the Barriès circus... magical, enchanting, wonderful sites and freedom to run, relax, breathe and feast your eyes!

  • Les ocres du Luberon - Colorado provençal