Nothing is better than a bike ride at sunrise!

A custom-made ride: 35 km - 1h20 - elevation? Forget it and let's ride! 

I have a crush for this breathtaking view on ochers!

I challenge you to take the same picture with the hot-air balloon! Share it then with #paysaptluberon on our social network 

Let yourself go, it's holiday!

Take your bike early in the morning and ride the Pays d'Apt Luberon... Here is an experience I can share with you!

Are you on holiday in Pays d'Apt Luberon and crazy for biking? All these pretty roads are calling out for you, but you have a family and dare not escape for your favorite activity... I advise you this special 35 km and 1 hour and 20 minutes bike-ride in the heart of the Luberon.

Tip: leave early. Do not indulge in the AOC Luberon Rosé, the night before! Rent your bike in advance, request the full list in our Tourist Offices.

Follow me!

Departure around 7:15, in July the temperatures are ideal and at this time, the scents of our Provence are even more developed. [Return planned for 8:30 maximum, hopefully no one will notice your morning getaway and you can even go to the bakery to bring breakfast back to your loved ones!] This circuit goes from Bonnieux, takes the route "Around the Luberon", D3 at the beginning, then follows the D106 to Lacoste, on this road you will have an extraordinary view of the Luberon and Lacoste facing you, Bonnieux in your back with sunrise: grand! In Lacoste, admire at a glance the castle of the Marquis de Sade on your left at the top of the village. Follow the D106, to Lumières, many vineyards line on the road, sometimes a few sunflowers fields... and on the heights, stands Goult !

Go through Lumières, follow the D60 to Joucas, the crossroads on the right will indicate Roussillon "Les Dauphins" D169.

My best spots for best memories

With some luck, you will see the hot-air balloon in the sky: it is its spot! What an emotion to see this balloon, above your head, quietly flying away...

A few more kilometers for the lavender field on the left at the crossroads before getting to Roussillon: a selfie is needed here! If another bike rider passes by, he will take a great picture of you, see mine!

Once in the center of Roussillon, do not miss this unique place in Vaucluse: the ocher cliffs and an extraordinary view of this colorful village!

Ride on a few more kilometers!

Direction Bonnieux on D149, an astonishing construction on your right will necessarily attract your eyes: Pont Julien, built on order of Caesar, is over 2000 years old! Today, the bicycle path "Véloroute du Calavon" takes the bridge: to discover soon with family!

Back to Bonnieux where a 4 km climb awaits you!

+ Do not forget to stop at the baker's! And for breakfast, show your photos to your family! You can even post them on social network with #paysaptluberon 

We may meet on the road or at the Bonnieux office where I will welcome you with pleasure!