The passage through the gallery was extraordinary, we are so full of memory (and photos) !

Freedom for everybody with an electric bike

The whole family, my husband, my two teenagers and I, join our guide at Luberon Bike Shop : a colorful journey awaits us for half a day. Electric bike is a first for us all. Our guide puts us at ease for the handling. As soon as the first kilometers, a feeling of freedom overruns us, we take small roads, then, we find ourselves on trails.

The adventure begins, ...

Dazzling galleries !

Our guide knows the course by heart and tells us the story of the ocher lands, shaped by man and about Luberon he loves. We even go through an old gallery ! Surprising, what a breathtaking spot, one of the most original we have seen during our stay ! These trails in these unusual passages and secret places, only a native knows, ... a unique experience.

Quite a change of scenery !

The ocher hills are exceptional and along the way we discover sand roses, a jewel of the hills, to leave imperatively in their spot ! The Massif des Ocres magic places are to be respected and preserved.

The kilometers go by smoothly, I cannot believe it : biking with little effort is fun; a treat for the teenagers !

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