Okhra, ocher is beautiful, both for the old and the young... 

Are you an artist or not ? In any case you will become one with the Okhra experience ! A favorite activity to discover the ochers in another way !

Family fun time that will inevitably fill the hodiday photo album !

A fun way to discover the ochres !

A fun way to discover the Ocher How do we make a painting ? And with what mom ?

My daughter wanted to know and I found the good advice at the Roussillon Tourist Office, the most colourful village in the world. They advised us to take part in a workshop adapted to the 6/106 years old, where we will be able to have fun together.

Okhra, in an old ocher factory, lives with colour and transmits know-how. It's right at the entrance of the village.

Brushes in hand and, ... flour, egg, cottage cheese, linseed oil, the workshop begins. The host organizer gives some information on ochres and techniques. We get to know pigments, plain material (minerals, plants, animals, synthetic and artificial), binders, diluents. But the central question is medium. Wood, paper, plaster, for each, its own recipe. As if we were cooking, we separate, we incorporate, we mix, ... Like a chef ! And the well supervised children, participate and get their hands dirty !

During the workshop, we make paintings and everyone leaves with his personal colour chart.

Come to think of it, ... I have to paint the bedroom. Let's go to Okhra's shop, I'll find everything I need.