In Apt enjoy, according to your whims, sweets imitating charming buildings, candy palaces, ...

  • Where to buy candied fruits ? Confiserie le Coulon, Confiserie Richaud, La maison du fruit confit
  • Which candied fruits to buy ? People here prefer the "drained" candied fruits that stick to the fingers, perfect for making or accompanying desserts.
  • What is candied fruit ? A sugar syrup takes place of the water in the fruit. Like an alchemist, the master confectioner knows how to master the phenomenon of osmosis. It takes time and technique.

Fruits, sugar and pleasure !

Well yes, this city has a sweet tooth, ... The history of Apt, the Roman, goes back very far in the past. But it is confectionery that made it famous in the sweetest way possible.

Originally artisanal, this activity succeeded in a relatively isolated small town in developing a dozen factories producing hundreds of tons for the world.

The arrival of the popes accompanied by their servants in Avignon was probably prominent. During the 14th c., the Popes often honored Aptesians with the title "escouyèro en counfisarias".

There are also significant deliveries to prestigious clients such as the Marquis de Sade or to Le Franc Le Pompignan. Thus, over the centuries, Apt asserted a reputation as a sweets city.

It was the beautiful era of candied fruit. In the 19th century, Aptesian confectioners went to the four corners of Provence to buy the best fruits : melons, apricots, strawberries, cherries, peaches and pears, plums and figs, and oranges from Italy. The know-how of Apt's master confectioners went so far as to work on more delicate fruits (fresh walnuts and almonds), and even flowers.

In the 20th century, the big factories merged and diversified their productions. So, whether semi-industrial or artisanal, Apt's tradition of candied fruit is still alive and well.

  • Confiserie le Coulon
  • Confiserie le Coulon