Après cette visite, le basilic n'aura plus de secret pour vous ! 

Vous repartirez avec une liste d'idées pour cuisiner cette plante sous toute ses formes

Basil from A to Z

The Luberon is the Provence of flavours and perfumes, the farmer, Catherine Pisani, understood it well.

Large leaves basil, little leaves, ...

If you thought you knew this plant, you will be surprised. On the farm, this aromatic herb is the queen. You will discover 30 to 40 varieties grown in open fields : lemon basil, cinnamon, anise, tai siam, ... from Europe, Asia and elsewhere. A whole journey filled with subtle and surprising perfumes. Come and  crush a few leaves with your fingers and leave with treasures of flavours for cooking. Your salads, soups, sauces, pestos, grilled meats and even sorbets will be transformed.

Catherine Pisani who has a passion for this plant, also elaborates a basil-flavoured syrup and a whole range of scented products for cooking : basil jelly or 3 basils jam, floral water, "berlingot" sweets made by the Confiserie du Ventoux with the farm's essential oils, ...