The place to be in the summer


Many activities for the whole family ! The program of the Fête votive announces it loud and clear. As a newcomer, I expect much more ! It's summer, the evening is sweet and I can hear a background noise.

Almost every village has its saint patron day. Originally, the fete was dedicated to the village patron saint : Saint Loup in Murs, Saint Louis in Ménerbes, Saint Jean-Baptiste in Joucas, Saint Etienne in Saint Saturnin lès Apt, Saint Symphorien in Bonnieux, ...

The bright decorations, the street lights, the laser effects, all attract me. But, I wonder where to begin. So, I'll go as I feel.

The children have already spotted the merry-go-round, teenagers look fo festive attractions, thrills guaranteed.

The funfair

At the fair, the music is in full swing. The stalls are colorful, happy, noisy. Games especially, hook-a-duck, riffle shooting, ... poor ducks. However, I win a bright fluffy toy for my little girl.

Fragrances of sugar, donuts, grilled sausages mix. The "chichi", the golden donut is essential. We have no choice, but taste it. Colourful lollipops, nougats, candy apples compete. The atmosphere does not weaken. Adults meet around the fete reception meal, a traditional "aioli", this time. I'm told it's a giant aioli with everything you need. A good appetite is recommended.

Come and play "Pétanque"

The petanque contest is going to start. This is an important matter : my husband will dare to compete with the inhabitants at the "à la mêlée" contest. Many people are watching. Connoisseurs evaluate the technique of female and male players. After a few rounds, I'll say that the important thing is taking part, ...

When the crowd dances

The open-air dance begins. Inhabitants and visitors of all generations gather as soon as the band plays. A child dances in the arms of his father, some girls and some boys give a collective show. The older ones are waiting for songs of the past. Everybody dances almost through the night.

For the young, village fetes are part of life, much like a rite of passage. For the older ones, it is a plain happiness shared in the respect of traditions and conviviality. It suits averyone.

Let's do it again tomorrow !

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