A breathtaking view of the valley

Like the village of Saignon, the situation of Caseneuve, with a truly breathtaking view of the Luberon Massif and Apt valley, has determined its role as a sentinel. So the site has always been busy.

After the Roman colonization, we can remember that the village was the stronghold of Humbert, nephew of Saint Mayeul, famous abbot of Cluny and founder of the family Agoult-Simiane. It was at this time that the castrum was built. The "casanovo" gave its name to the village (cited in 978). The current fortress 32 meters high, took its place in the 10th/12th century. This historic stronghold of the house of Agoult-Simiane was never attacked. Only the "great plague" managed to reach the village. From 1720 to 1721, eighteen people died.

The castle by the game of alliances belonged to the Prince de Condé during the revolution. It was therefore sold as a national property to different owners and did not find again its entirety until the purchase by the Czech painter Coubine in the mid-twentieth century. The Ripert family who restored it is currently the owner.

Stroll along its charming narrow streets

It is a small town with an important heritage. Do not miss to stroll along the cobbled streets and look up the remains of the ramparts, the common house, former seat of the City Council (17th century), the Cercle Republicain, the Saint Etienne Church probably dating from the beginnings of Christianity in the land of Apt, and the largest oratory of Provence.