Located between Roussillon and Apt, Gargas is a stop in the discovery of the history of ocher in the Pays d'Apt.

Small village dominated by the hill of Pérreal, culminating to 471 meters, Gargas will make you travel in the rich ocher past. Walking through the village, you will find in its center the old Castle of the Condés, now the town hall and the church of Saint Denis, built on the hill of the old Fort.

The peculiarity of this village is that it is composed exclusively of isolated country hamlets all far from the village center. This allowed the exploitation of the lands that made the glory of Gargas.

Gargas is also a historic site: at the top of the Perréal hill, stand the remains of a Gallic Oppidum occupied until 1st century AD, as well as the Romanesque chapel Sainte Radegonde, erected in 1551.

It is also an important geological area where many sites are classified Natural Geological Reserve. By the way, a geological stage bears the name of this village: the Gargasian.

Outside the village, you will discover, during guided tours, the Mines de Bruoux, impressive galleries dug by man to extract ocher.

Moreover, it is also one of the last villages in Europe where ocher is still exploited.

Also, let yourself be seduced by the magnificent chandeliers created or restored at Mathieu Lustrerie, considered as works of art.