Beware, you might get a stiff neck!

A charming village at the foot of a gigantic cliff

While going to Lioux, you will WANT to contemplate the Cliff of the Madeleine, 700 meters long and 30 million years old and right you are!

Although the village is located in the Luberon Regional Nature Park, the limestone formation marks the geological thrust of the Monts de Vaucluse. A nice in-between where to enjoy the sound of cicadas and the shade of the woody valleys.

Hannibal himself propably visited it! That is why you will find an elephant on the village coat of arms. And this is not the only celebrity who came to admire the place! In the village, there were no less than four castles, restored or not!

Even the couturier Pierre Cardin has settled in one of them, will you guess which one? You can also admire the remains of some windmills, or look at the church of Saint Romain, a beautiful Romanesque building that will make you appreciate the calm of this quaint Provencal setting.